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About the Bibliography

That's Me! That's You! That's Us! THAT'S ME! THAT'S YOU! THAT'S US! (ISBN: 0-9670-409-4) is now available in its 5th. revised, expanded, 810-page edition plus a 153-page, 2005/6 Supplement (ISBN: 0-9670409-2-2). This comprehensive, easy-to-use, time saving, annotated bibliography is written by prominent educator, Francenia Emery. Since the publication of its 1st edition in 1993, TMTYTU has been welcomed, nationally acclaimed, and effectively used by secular and religious educators, librarians, parents, health care providers, booksellers, social workers, and other nurturers of children and young adults. It has been widely used by many school districts in their development or revision of standardized curriculum, including the most recent design of the School District if Philadelphia's comprehensive Core Curriculum.

Current educational research reveals that vicarious experiences - especially those provided in good multicultural literature - are among the most effective vehicles for developing positive self concepts, appreciating and respecting diverse cultures, and preventing or reducing racism and prejudices in children. Research also shows that virtually all academic concepts and skills can be readily introduced, taught and reinforced through good literature. Well-documented studies reveal that reading, listening to, analyzing, and writing about properly selected multicultural literature is an excellent means of substantially improving students' academic achievement - thus narrowing - even eliminating the horrendous "Achievement Gap" which is causing so many of our children in certain racial and socioeconomic groups to be "Left Behind".

Most teachers, librarians, and other child nurturers have received little or no training regarding the criteria for evaluating multicultural literature. However, they receive a lot of advertising for the recent flood of books about diverse cultures. They frequently ask, " How do I choose the most suitable books for my children? " Choosing those books that best fit our children's specific needs can, indeed be a formidable and exhaustive experience. "That's Me! That's You! That's Us!" will help you make wise choices easily.

Publishers of children's books throughout the United States regularly send books, often prior to publication, to Mrs. Emery for her review. Only those books which satisfy her strict criteria are included in the bibliography. She has read every book in the bibliography and personally writes every annotation based on her review of the book. Each entry in "That's Me! That's You! That's Us!" includes the authors' and illustrators'names,types of bindings and illustrations, number of pages, publisher, place and date of publication, a concise annotation written by Ms. Emery, culture(race, ethnicity, ISBN, suggested grade level range and current price. Each entry is numbered and in each of the 4 major indexes, these references are directed to the entry numbers.

The entries are divided into 4 main categories: Books for Younger Children; Books for Intermediate grades, Books for Young Adults and Resource Books for all Adults who Work with Children. Next, entries are divided into 33 categories, such as Arts and Entertainment, Biography, Biracial and Interracial Families, Folktales, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Service Learning, Social Action, and Social Justice, Sports, Women and Gender Issues.

A 2-page introduction provides simple, explicit directions for efficient use of this unique, comprehensive resource guide.

"That's Me! That's You! That's Us!" makes it easy for busy teachers, librarian, parents, college students, and others to choose, locate and use current, quality multicultural books which should be readily available in their local libraries, bookstores and on-line.

If you work directly with children and young people, write, edit, or publish their books or wish to have reading material or books in your waiting room or library reflect the diversity of our society, then THAT'S ME! THAT'S YOU! THAT'S US! is the only bibliography of multicultural children's books you will ever need.

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