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The American Reading Company is committed to radically increasing the amount children read at home and at school. We attempt to review and select the best in children's literature and arrange the books in collections for schools. We seek to include books that expose students to people of all backgrounds and cultural experiences, inviting children people to enjoy stories about people similar to those they encounter every day, as well as people whose lives are very different from their own.

Francenia Emery's bibliography That's Me! That's You! That's Us! has been an invaluable resource to the American Reading Company as we have worked to broaden the range and number of multicultural books in our collections. The bibliography offers annotated descriptions of thousands of books, allowing us to identify many books we would not have discovered without this resource.

That's Me! That's You! That's Us! organizes the books in convenient groupings that allow research by topic, by reader age group, or by ethnicity. The extensive list of publishers selected for their outstanding multicultural children's books has been particularly valuable to our Company. This list allowed us to identify new publishers and develop relationships that have brought many additional multicultural books into our collections.

Francenia Emery's commitment to identifying books that present positive, empowering images that invite children to embrace diversity has been a major contribution to the field of children's literature. That's Me! That's You! That's Us! is a resource that is truly unique in both its breadth and its quality. There is no comparable research tool in the field of multi-cultural literature for children and adolescents, and we are deeply grateful to Fran for undertaking this important work.

Jane Hileman


The American Reading Company

King of Prussia, Pa