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The Multicultural Resource Center (TMRC)

The Multicultural Resource Center founded in 1993, as a non-profit, educational organization and located in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, works to reduce prejudice, discrimination, and inequity in the child-nurturing institutions of our nation and to foster the integration of multicultural competence into all aspects of our children's lives from infancy through young adulthood.

The TMRC Mission

To insist that all children - regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, class, or physical agilities - receive equal opportunities to learn the information and skills which will prepare them for full, satisfying participation in our increasingly diverse society.

To advocate and facilitate the transformation of policies, practices, curricula, and programs in our nation's child-nurturing institutions so that they truthfully reflect the culture of persons who until recently were stereotyped, misrepresented or grossly underrepresented in the literature for children and young adults.

To help caretakers of children and those preparing others to work with children examine their one attitudes toward diversity determine how their attitudes and behavior affect the development of the children for whom they are responsible, and adjust those behaviors in order to promote appropriate, safe, bias-free environments in which all children can learn and flourish.

To these ends. The Multicultural Resource Center motivates, trains and equips all nurturers of children and young adults to use selected multicultural literature to Increase young people's pride in themselves, Reduce prejudices in children and young adults and Provide practical opportunities to learn concepts and acquire skills which will enable them to solve problems and resolve conflicts without violence.


The Multicultural Resource Center's multifaceted Professional Development Program conducted for parents, pre-service and in-service teachers, librarians, religious educators, counselors, health care personnel, and other nurturers of children includes four main components:
  • Facilitating participants' examination of their own attitudes affect curriculum development, consultation, and writing
  • Diversity Training re: Closing the Achievement gap through culturally proficient leadership and instruction
  • Cultural Proficiency in Library Services
  • Integrating Multicultural Competency across the curriculum and into all aspects of children's lives through literature
  • Curriculum Development consultations and writing